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Archive for August 2016

Grace Cheered Giving

Paul tells the Church in Corinth that each must give as he has purposes in his heart. In Grace Cheered Giving, Reverend David Balzer reminds us that we must give cheerfully to church to glorify God, bring praise to His name, and because God gave the ultimate […]


The Garden City of God

Jesus the Lamb of God has secured all surpassing paradise for all who trust in Him. In The Garden City of God, Rev. David Balzer preaches on this promise of future pleasure and a call to perseverance for believers as reveleaed in Revelation 21:22 – 22:21.


The City of Extravagant Abundance

Rev. David Balzer continues the Revelations series with his sermon entitled, The City of Extravagant Abundance, referencing Revelation 21:9-21.


No More Tears

Life hurts. While tears may characterize our current existence, God secured our tearless future by the finished sacrifice of Jesus. Rev. David Balzer explains in his sermon entitled, No More Tears , referencing the passage Revelation 21:1-8.


The Final Victory

Listen as Rev David Balzer continues the Revelation series with The Final Victory referencing the passage Revelation 20:7-15.