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Archive for May 2017

Abraham’s Seed and God

Abraham’s Seed and God John 8: 48-59 In today’s sermon from John 8: 48-59, we see that many who claimed to be the seed of Abraham and to love the God of Abraham mocked and ridiculed Jesus, Abraham’s true Seed and God.


True Sonship

True Sonship John 8: 37-47 In John 8: 37-47, we see people who claim to be children of Abraham and of God arguing with Jesus, the Divine Son of God. They are trusting in their lineage and tradition, but manifest by their deeds that they are in […]


Jesus is the Son Who Sets Slaves Free

Jesus is the Son Who Sets Slaves Free John 8:12Read the passage as you listen to Rev. David Balzer continue the Gospel of John series with the sermon entitled Jesus is the Son Who Sets Slaves Free.


Jesus is God on Trial

Jesus is God on Trial John 8:13-29 When God showed up in the flesh, and “came to His own,” they put Him on trial. This scene in the treasury of the temple is filled with courtroom language, with the Pharisees acting as prosecution and judges. This exchange […]


GCAN Promotional Video complete!

Kudos to Carl for using your expertise to create the GCAN Promotional video!