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Archive for September 2017

The Father’s Face

The Father’s Face John 12:44-50 John 12:44-50 tells us that though the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three distinct persons and are the One True God, in one sense Jesus is “The Father’s Face.” He reveals God’s sacrificial love to us and speaks God’s words that […]


A Word for the Nations

A Word for the Nations Matthew 28:16-20 Brother Carl King delivers the sermon entitled A Word for the Nations and tells us of the authority and responsibility of given to the eleven disciples at the Great Commission.


The Praise of God

The Praise of God John 12:42-43 John 12:42-43 tells us about the praise of God versus the praise of men. We will be challenged to grow deeper in our understanding and experience of God’s praise of us. The result will be our greater enjoyment of God with […]


Lifted Up

Lifted Up John 12:34-41 In John 12:34-41, we see that the phrase “lifted up” is used about Jesus in two very different ways. We will encounter the perplexity of His hearers as they stumble over the scandal of the Gospel that the LORD of Glory had come […]