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Archive for December 2017

Joy and Peace

Joy and Peace John 16:16-33 In John 16:16-33, Jesus predicts the suffering of His disciples at His Death, their joy at His resurrection, and their peace through the coming presence of the Holy Spirit within them. What we celebrate at Christmas is that God so loved the […]


Heads Up

Heads Up John 15:18-16:15 Jesus give His disciples a heads up about what would happen to them in the near future in John John 15:18-16:15. He warns them of the hatred of the world. He says that persecution is coming to them because of Him. This hatred […]


Jesus the Life and Love of God

Jesus the Life and Love of God John 15:1-17 In John 15:1-17, Jesus point us to Himself as the life and love of God and call us to abide in Him. It’s a call to the First-Century Israelites to come to Jesus or be cut off from […]


The Promise of the Spirit

The Promise of the Spirit John 14:15-31 In John 14:15-31, Jesus gives His disciples the Promise of the Spirit revealing the Holy Spirit as the greatest gift in this life on earth. The Spirit is the very promise of the New Covenant itself. He is the one […]


Swarm of Love

Swarm of Love John 14:12-14 Click on the sermon title above to hear Pastor David from Sunday, November 26, 2017.