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Archive for January 2018

Truth, Power, Love, and Grace

Truth, Power, Love, and Grace John 18:28 – 19:22 In John 18:28 – 19:22, Pontius Pilate, the local representative of Roman Power met Jesus as the religious leaders cried out for Him to be crucified. We see truth, power, love, and grace coming from Jesus, which brings […]


The Only Savior

The Only Savior John 18:13-27 In John 18:13-27, two trials are happening at the same time. John goes back and forth between the scene of Peter’s interaction with people inquiring about his relationship to Jesus and the scene of Jesus interacting with Annas who is inquiring about […]


Man-made Religion

Man-made Religion John 18:1-12 In John 18:1-12, we watch the arrest of Jesus as an example of the conflict between man-made religion and the true and Living God.


The Vision of Love

The Vision of Love John 17:1-26 Jesus prays His hear for the church in John 17:1-26. His prayer gives us His vision for the church, and that vision is Love. It’s His love that grows the church in love for the salvation of the world. Pray that […]