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Archive for June 2018

The Beginning of the Story of the Son

The Beginning of the Story of the Son Genesis 1:1-6 In one sense, the Story of the Son has no “beginning” because He is eternal. Genesis takes us back to the beginning of history, which is The Story of the Son. As an analogy, we can think […]


Promised Perfection

Promised Perfection Romans 8:19-23 All of us were meant for glory. Our comparisons, competitions, and corruptions all cry out for perfection. Romans 8:19-23 tells us that the perfection we long for has actually been offered and promised to all who trust in Jesus. Believers have been given […]


Walking in the Spirit (Part 2)

Walking in the Spirit (Part 2) Galatians 5:16 What does it mean to walk in the Spirit? How do we pursue transformation in the way that God commends to us instead of a man-made system imposed on us? This Sunday we will walk through some of the […]