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Sunday’s sermon: “Healing & Not Healing”

Pastor David Balzer’s sermon text for Sunday is Acts 3:1-26, and the title is “Healing and Not Healing.”

Here’s what Pastor David says about his upcoming sermon: “In this story we see Jesus healing a man through the apostles for the sake of the Gospel. One of the things this sermon will emphasize is the frequent connection between healing and the preaching of the Gospel during the earthly ministry of Jesus and His ministry through the apostles. The pastoral question the sermon will touch on is, ‘Why does God heal some of His children and not others?’ It’s amazing that this is the text I’m preaching on after the prayer and praise time last night when I felt frustration about this very question when asking God to heal our dear friends’ children. There is a missional purpose to God’s healing and to His not healing, and we are to keep asking and trusting Him with these things in light of His cross.”

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Order of Worship, Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015

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