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About Grace

It’s all in our name!gracechurch

Grace…we are under grace–God’s saving grace.  We have all sinned (and continue to do so) and can do nothing to earn God’s favor or eternal life.  At Grace, we are a group of believers who live with the knowledge that God, in His grace and mercy, sent His son, Jesus, to suffer and die to pay the price for our sins; and then He rose again from the dead.  Because of this, our broken relationship with God is restored and we can have eternal life.  So, we live under grace and pray that we demonstrate grace to each other in our relationships.

Presbyterian…in our system of government and our doctrine.  Our church is not run by a CEO; in fact, our pastor is only one of several elders (called the session) who all lead and serve the congregation.  The session is accountable to the higher “courts” in the Presbyterian Church in America.  Not only do we believe this to be the Biblical form of church government; but, we also see that it offers very practical checks and balances.

We hold dearly to our beliefs because the Bible teaches them.  Nevertheless, we say we are Presbyterian in doctrine because we trace our system of beliefs back to those essentials which were rediscovered during the Protestant Reformation and later presented in the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Church…the People of God…the Body of Christ.  As the Bible teaches, the church is like the human body.  It is made of many parts but all the parts work together for the mutual good of the person.  All the parts are essential and at Grace, we are committed to equip all the members of the church to know and use their gifts and abilities in ministry within the church.  We believe, as the Bible teaches,  when one of our members grieve, we all grieve and when one rejoices, we all rejoice.