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Children’s Ministry

At Grace, it is our responsibility and privilege to come alongside parents and assist them in raising their children to know God, embrace Jesus as their personal Savior, and to obey His commands. We take this seriously–because every time we baptize a child, we (the congregation) take a vow “to assist the parents in the Christian nurture of that child”.

kid“It takes a church to raise a covenant child”. We believe children of [at least one] believing parent are members of the family of God and are therefore members of the church. God’s promises to His people have always included their children. So, we teach our kids about about their privileges as covenant children and their responsibility to keep the covenant through their own faith and repentance.

Not only do we include children in the worship and fellowship of the church but we also strive to minister to the special needs of children through programs which are tailored to their level of understanding and maturity. It all begins in the Nursery where the youngest of children are loved and nurtured by volunteer members of the congregation. The atmosphere makes children and parents alike comfortable so their first exposure to church is positive.

SAMSUNGOur Sunday School ministry reaches young people from age three to eighteen. Even from an early age, they begin to learn the Bible and see it’s application in their young lives. Our Sunday School curriculum, “Show Me Jesus” challenges kids to know a God who makes and keeps His promises and to see God’s unfolding story of salvation, fulfilled in His Son, Jesus Christ. These rich truths captivate the minds and hearts of the youngest of children.

Vacation Bible School is another ministry aimed at our own covenant children as well as children from the community. Each year the gospel is faithfully taught and the kids sing and play together. The week of fun and activities brings God’s Word into the minds and hearts of the kids– and ultimately into the lives of their parents.