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Education and Training

Learning to think God’s thoughts after Him is what it’s all about; and in order to do that, we have to know what God thinks. God has given us His Word–the Bible–so we can know all that He would have us to know about Him and how we are to think and live.

At Grace, we are all about learning God’s Word and applying it to our lives. Our primary training occurs in the Sunday School program where, together, we explore everything through the lens of Scripture. Not only do we study the Bible, but we then bring the Bible to all kinds of topics such as managing money, resolving conflict, history, science, poverty, addictions, etc.

The Adult Sunday School meets in an informal, roundtable setting each Sunday morning at 9:45am. Class discussion is encouraged and homework is optional.

Strong emphasis is also placed on the Children’s Sunday School program. We start with the two-year-olds and continue all the way through twelfth grade–teaching them God’s story. They don’t just learn Bible stories…they learn the Bible Story–God’s redemption of man through His Son, Jesus Christ.

While the Sunday School is the “hub of the instruction wheel”, there are other opportunities to study God’s Word. Special Bible studies are offered for the women, youth and young adults of the church.