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Adult Education to Date

The following is a list of the topics we have studied over the last several years.  You are invited to join us on Sundays at 9:45am in  a “roundtable” atmosphere to learn more about the Bible and it’s practical and life-changing application to our daily lives.


Christian View of Economics Fall 2012
How People Change Spring/Summer 2012
Life and Times of Moses Winter 2012
What is True Contentment? Fall 2011
Christian Biography Series Summer 2011
Why Should I Join the Church? Spring 2011
Jacob Have I Loved (view class resources) Winter 2011
Evangelism and Discipleship Fall 2010
The Truth Project Video Series Spring 2010
Father Abraham (view class resources) Winter 2010
The Gospel of Mark Fall 2009
The Reason for God (view class resources) Summer 2009
The Faith (by Chuck Colson) (view video intro) Spring 2009
The Book of Genesis (view Powerpoint slides) Winter 2009
Stewardship Video Series December 2008
The Emerging Church (click for more) Fall 2008
The Book of Daniel Spring/Summer 2008
The Book of Acts (click for more) Winter 2008
The Christmas Story December 2007
Eschatology (click for more) Summer/Fall 2007
The Book of Titus (click for more) Spring/Summer 2007
The Life of Christ (click for more) Winter 2007
The Holy Spirit (click for more) Fall 2006
Prayer Summer 2006
Doctrine of Heaven Spring 2006
The Exile and Return of the People of God Winter 2006
Church History Part II Fall 2005
Doctrine of Hell Summer 2005
Life in the Middle Spring 2005
More Kings and Prophets Winter 2005
Total Truth  (click for more) Late Fall 2004
Intelligent Design  (click for more) Early Fall 2004
Twelve Ordinary Men Summer 2004
Church History (through Reformation) Spring 2004
Kings and Prophets Winter 2004
Kingdom Discipleship (click for more) Fall 2003
Christian Biography Series Summer 2003
Understanding God’s Grace Spring 2003
Dealing with Addictions Winter 2003
King Solomon Fall 2002
The Person of Jesus (inductive study) Spring/Summer 2002
How to Interpret Scripture Winter 2002
The Enemy Within — Sin Fall 2001
Evangelism and Missions Summer 2001
Marriage Spring 2001
The Life of King David Winter 2001
 The Westminster Confession Part 2 Fall 2000
 The Westminster Confession Part 1 Summer 2000
 Mercy Ministry Spring 2000
 Early Church History Winter 2000