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Fellowship Activities

Church Hiking Trip 2012


Building lasting relationships, in the context of the church, is the most fun you will ever have. We regularly enjoy food, fun and fellowship and generally look for an opportunity to celebrate something. We celebrate the change of seasons, anniversaries, “coming homes” and “going aways” –pretty much anything. Braves games, chili cook-offs, game nights, picnics, movie nights and retreats are scattered throughout the church calendar.

Our covered dish lunches, after church on Sunday, are a throwback to the good old days. Eight times a year, everyone brings their favorite dishes and we enjoy Sunday lunch together. Roast beef, chicken, Greek salad and peach cobbler are a few of many dishes on the spread. The kids (of course) eat quickly and are out the door to play so the adults can relax and talk– and split a second dessert. Visitors are always welcome ’cause we bring a little extra.