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Prayer Ministry

Those who are familiar with Grace Church know it is a church family that prays. We pray, first, because God commands to pray. When we’re obedient and pray, we are humbled as we see God actually answer those prayers and do things far beyond our small expectations.

Members are not only taught and encouraged to pray individually and as families, but also as a church family. Prayer is an important part of all of our church activities–especially our worship.

Two weekly prayer groups gather–one at 9:15 on Sunday morning and another at 5:30 on Sunday afternoon. These groups pray for needs in our church, our community, our country and the world. The prayers for the many needs are also covered in praise, confession and thanksgiving.

Thanks to cell phones and email, our members are “plugged in” to pray for needs during the week. The Prayer Coordinator maintains and uses an email distribution list to “get the word out”. If you are interested in adding yourself to the list or if you have a prayer request, click the link below.